A Solid Business Opportunity--Make A Concrete Block Machine

Published: 04th February 2011
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With a concrete block machine one operator can manufacture hundreds of concrete blocks in a day. This is unexcelled as a home business opportunity since costs are low and it can be started in a backyard or garage. Cement blocks, cinder blocks,concrete blocks, patio slabs, pavers and all kinds of decorative concrete items are in constant strong and growing demand. Concrete products of all types are a staple of the building industries and much used also by do it yourself home project builders. Demand for these types of product will continue strong due to the fact that they are widely used for building everything from large buildings to tiny backyard projects.

However it is not necessary to have a machine to start a concrete block business. Hand molds are quite adequate for the initial stages of the enterprise. One person working with hand molds can make 100 or more blocks in a day. Plans and instructions are available and the molds are quite simple to make, using plywood and sheet metal. The block making process simply involves filling molds with the appropriate concrete mix then letting the blocks dry and cure prior to selling them. Building supply stores are usually very eager to find a local manufacturer who will supply their cement block needs since transportation costs from distant points are high. The home concrete block maker can also supply consumers directly by using small ads in newspapers. Home based businesses have very low overhead costs which means that profits can be very good.

The time will come when demand for your concrete blocks is greater than you can produce with hand molds.Your part time operation is now ready to become a full time business if you so desire. You need to make more concrete blocks, and the way to accomplish this is to use a concrete block machine. Concrete block machines can be obtained from a number of suppliers.Many of these are overseas and rthe machines are fairly costly.You can decide to buy one if you wish and it will no doubt pay for itself with increased production in time.They work well and will make you money. The cheaper and better way is to build your own concrete block machine however.

Building a concrete block machine requires some work but is not really hard to accomplish. Building plans with complete instructions can be obtained for the building of a machine which can turn out 800 cement blocks daily.This machine is built using new or used auto parts,sheet metal and some odds and ends.The actual building cost is just a fraction of the price of a commercial machine and the machine works well.You can also build a simpler small hand operated machine. This one is simply constructed and can make 200 cement blocks per day.Either of these machines will enable you to produce concrete blocks in larger quantities at low cost.You can then fill bigger orders which you could not do with hand molds.

When you are in the concrete block manufacturing business you will of course want to make some other concrete products.It is very profitable to turn out ornamental concrete items such as garden ornaments, bird baths, garden furniture, big concrete vases and urns, window boxes and utiltarian products such as concrete bricks and patio slabs.The market for these types of items is very strong and the profits can be exceptionally good. The business which you started as a small part time enterprise can now be a full time highly profitable occupation. Few jobs have the potential to make you the kind of income you can derive from your own concretre products business.


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