Make Concrete Blocks--Make Money With Your Home Business

Published: 17th December 2008
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Concrete blocks are very heavily used in the building trades. A wide variety of projects is built using cement blocks.

Home projects such as outdoor fireplaces and barbeques are very often constructed using blocks. Home foundations and garages are another use. Very large buildings are also built using cement blocks.

They have been in use for all kinds of construction for decades and continue to grow in popularity and sales. They are low cost,easy to build with and very versatile.

Anyone who is looking for a good home based business which can provide a really nice part time income will find the ideal opportunity in making concrete blocks. The part time business can in time be grown into a very lucrative full time business.

Starting your business can be done with very little investment. Hand molds can be used at first and one person can make to up to 100 blocks per day this way. Molds are made from plywood and sheet metal and can be very inexpensive.

Molds are filled with concrete mix,of the right kind,then the blocks are turned out to dry and cure. The concrete mix for the blocks can be mixed by hand on the ground or it can be done with a cement mixer.

One person can make 100 cement blocks quite easily for a full days production with hand molds. After the business has grown to the extent that more blocks are required for larger orders a concrete block making machine is the best way to go. With this type of machine hundreds of blocks can be turned out per day.

It will also be necessary now to acquire a helper to take the blocks from the machine and place them on drying racks. Enough storage space will be needed to dry all the blocks before they are delivered. This could well mean renting business premises but by now the business will be profitable enough to pay for the extra overhead costs and still turn out a very good profit.

Concrete block making machines are available from a number of companies. They are definitely quite costly but can pay for themselves by increasing production. Another way is to obtain plans to build a cement block machine yourself at much lower cost than the commercial models .

This home built machine is made using automobile parts and sheet metal and is a fairly easy construction project. Should you not be a welder,a welding shop can do the welding for you at quite moderate cost. This home built concrete block machine is absolutely as good as the much more expensive commercial machines and will turn out several hundred blocks per day.

When you are a concrete block manufacturer it is a great idea to produce other concrete products. There is plenty of demand for items such as sundials,bird baths,garden ornaments,patio blocks and a variety of other concrete products.

There are readily available plans for making these products without the use of costly commercial molds. These items are a profitable addition to any concrete business. The profit margin on them is always a lot higher than on cement blocks so they are well worth making.

The manufacture of concrete blocks and other concrete items is a great business which can be started at very low cost and can be built into a very successful full time enterprise. Anyone can work at a day job and start the concrete business as a part time enterprise. When it has grown to the extent that full time work is required to fill the demand you then will become a full time highly successful entrepreneur.


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